Solar Panels on Roof

Dirty Panels = Less Energy Generated


As a family of three my wife and I moved into a small home with 11 solar panels installed. We benefited from the panels for the first year and a half with excellent solar production, but later we noticed a significant decrease of energy efficiency. After researching the benefits of having clean solar panels we cleaned them and were amazed to see an immediate

18% increase in our solar panels production. That's when we realized we wanted to help educate our community and neighbors about cleaning their solar panel to save them money!

Increase Production

Cleaning your solar panels will increase your energy productivity, save you more money, and catch any possible issues that might otherwise not have been seen.

Generate More Energy

One of the importance of cleaning your panels is the amount you will save in your electricity bill or the amount of electricity stored per day. You will save approximately $720 per yrear with a 23-25 panel system.

Quality Service

We will send you complete break down of the visual checklist, and the before and after images of your panels as well. Don’t risk damage to your panels or injury trying to do this yourself!


Solar Panel Cleaning

Quarterly and Semi-Annual
Recurring Services


Why is it important to clean my solar panels?

The harsh environmental elements have the ability to rapidly diminish the efficiency of your solar panels. Without regular cleaning, all of these good intentions could potentially be costing you hundreds of dollars! Not only do the manufacturers recommend it, regular solar panel cleaning is a no brainer once you begin to outweigh the costs of the maintenance to the potential financial losses

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