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Solar Panel Cleaning

With Chula Vista's Best Solar Panel Cleaning you can expect: spot-free cleaning, top-of-the line Deionized Water Purification System designed by Pure Tec Industrial Waterand brushes specifically designed for solar panels.


We also visually check for any visibly damaged wires and/or loose fasteners.

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Quarterly or Semi-Annually Solar Panel Cleaning

We offer quarterly and semi-annual cleaning services. We can also customize a recurring cleaning service to accommodate the customers needs.

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Bird Guard

Protect your solar panel system and home with a protective barrier.


Birds, squirrels and debris can make their way underneath solar panel systems. This can be very dangerous and not only effect the panel system, but wreak havoc on your roof as well. 


Critters leave behind hazardous materials from nesting, droppings and food.

These critters like nesting under solar panel systems because it provides convenient shelter and safety.

Bodies of water nearby, like a pool or fountain, will also entice critters to nest under panels. 

We highly recommend getting Bird Guard as soon as solar panels are installed to protect your investment. Or if you notice a lot of tree debris, bird droppings on your panels/roof, or see birds nearby. ​

Virtual Conference

Solar Energy Consulting with Powur

We offer free solar consulting to homeowners.

How it Works:

1. Collect your energy bill​

2. Review a custom proposal

3. Select the best plan

4. Sign contract

5. Get started


We offer a selection of panels and inverters, batteries, EV charge ports, 30 year warranties and many low to no interest financing options.

We work in 20+ states and offer a $1,000 referral program!

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